"Know the truth of the body, Know the truth of the universe"
~ Ratnasara Tantra

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Trika Mahasiddha Yoga is the original form of yoga developed by the 84 Mahasiddhas, the widely revered "Masters of Great Attainment" of India & Tibet. These Realized yogins worked with the human body and its energies to produce profound yet grounded self-development conferring myriad benefits to one's inner and outer life. They went beyond limitations of sectarian religion and sexism to create a powerful comprehensive body-path that uses the standard bandhas, pranayama, postures and meditations of Hatha Yoga in a synergistic way not seen in modern postural yoga. 

This type of yoga is very different from commercial yoga you will find in yoga studios today. It was originally developed to give the practicioner of the spiritual path a deep way in to using their body as vehicle for realising their seemless identity and unity with the universe. It has been preserved and passed on from teacher to student, and in this way has not changed since its inception. It is not about physical accomplishment but about accomplishment of awareness and sensitivity. Health cultivation is an important aspect of the practice, but it is not the main purpose. The main purpose of the practice is to end confused suffering and experience liberation. It is ultimately a spiritual science. When Trika Mahasiddha Yoga is practiced correctly there is a harmony, a congruity developed between the body, energy and mind of the practitioner. The individual becomes cohesive and in touch with nature - their own nature, their natural appetites and then the greater nature around them. This was the role of Hatha Yoga as it was originally developed within the spectrum of Tantrik practice. It is a path of realizing your true nature through the use of the physical body and energies.

To practice Trika Mahasiddha Yoga is to enter the unbroken stream of yogins reaching back through time, who have learnt, practiced and transmitted the original tradition of Hatha Yoga, and who have attained its fruit. Gratitude to Dharmabodhi Tantracarya, who in this age has passed on this invaluable technology of inner alchemy and self transformation to small group of students including Christian de Vietri. Christian has undertaken sustained practice of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga, has been trained and certified by Dharmabodhi to teach others. This form of yoga can be taught in groups or individually prescribed, but best learnt in person, so as to be tailored to meet you where you are at. It is for anyone - regardless of age, gender, or physical ability - who is interested in experiencing the full potential of their human birth. If you are interested in receiving instruction and would like more information, Christian can be contacted here.

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