Christian de Vietri


May our lives be offerings, 
May our minds blaze with insight,
May we be one with all that exists,
May we work for the benefit of all sentient beings, 
Steeped in the insight that each one of us is Lord Shiva.

- Mark Dyzcowski



Christian de Vietri was born in Kalgoorlie, a remote gold mining town in Central Western Australia. As a child, Christian was passionate about art, gymnastics and haikus. He trained as a gymnast from a young age and competed until he was 13. In his teenage years, Christian was drawn to art, and the artist's life, as a model of freedom. This way of being in the world was embodied by his charismatic high school art teacher, Michael O'Connell, who encouraged Christian to pursue art as a career. At 19 he left Australia to study art at the National School of Fine Art in Paris. After his studies in Paris he worked as the assistant to the directors of the Palais de Tokyo Site for Contemporary Creation, Nicholas Bourriaud and Jérôme Sans.

At 23 his son Henri was born, and he moved back to Australia. Christian's work was exhibited and collected throughout Australia during this period - at the Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, the National Gallery of Australia, the State Gallery of Western Australia, to name a few. Several awards were bestowed upon Christian for his work as an artist, including the Art & Australia Emerging Artist award, the Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, the National Gallery of Australia people’s choice award, and Citizen of the Year Award for his contribution to Visual Art in Australia. 

At 27 Christian was offered a scholarship to complete a Masters in in Fine Art at Columbia University in New York City. His mentors at Columbia, the artists Liam Gillick and Rirkrit Tiravanija, had a significant influence on Christian's approach to art. While completing his MFA at Columbia Christian also studied philosophy of religion for two years under the tutelage of Mark C. Taylor. After graduation Christian began exhibiting and selling his work in New York. He also began to create public art and several of his sculptures now exist in public space, commissioned by the Public Art Fund New York, Socrates Sculpture Park New York, the City of Perth, Saint Georges Cathedral Perth, and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

Christian has training in the teachings and practices of yoga, in particular the tradition of Trika Shaivism.

Christian was introduced to yoga and meditation under the guidance of Tara Glazier and David Harshada Wagner. In 2013,

Christian came into contact with the view teachings of Kashmir Shaivism during a workshop with Christopher Hareesh Wallis.


attended a talk by Śaiva scholar/practitioner Christopher Hareesh Wallis. During this talk Hareesh passed on transmission of the Śaiva Stage View. Contact with Hareesh and this realigning narrative of human experience had a profound effect on Christian. Recognizing "himself" and what true potential is within the view, and gaining clear insight into the root cause of suffering was literally mind blowing. A deep reorganizing force took hold which overturned the very foundation of his limiting beliefs about existence and opened a path to vast and uncertain experiential territory. The intensity of śaktipat was such that at the time he was unable to function socially, or work, and he soon bottomed out broke and homeless in New York. Christian moved to an ashram in upstate New York where he lived for 9 months, working as a cook, so he could stabilize while focusing on sadhana and study of the Śaiva canon.

Following this retreat, Christian was awarded a major commission to create a large scale public sculpture for the city centre of Perth, Western Australia. The iconic artwork, titled Spanda, created in carbon fibre with aerospace fabrication methods, was inspired by Christian's yogic training. It is intended to express and to facilitate union of the individual with the universal. In parallel to the production of Spanda, Christian completed a 9 month course on the History of Yoga with Christopher Tompkins, and undertook a 6 month immersion in Tantrik philosophy and practice with Christopher Hareesh Wallis. 

After completing Spanda, Christian travelled for a year throughout Asia learning from masters of non-dual Saivism. In Thailand he lived with Dharma Bodhi, who taught and certified Christian as a mentor and teacher of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga, the original form of yoga developed by the 84 Mahasiddhas of India and Tibet. Christian also lived in Varanasi deepening his practice and understanding of Trika Shaivism with Mark Dyzcowski. Christian then travelled to Nepal where he trained with temple artists in the Kathmandu valley to learn traditional Newar sacred art. 



2017 Livng Tantra, Himalayan Insitute
2017 Trika Meditiation and Philosophy Instructor Certification with Dharma Bodhi
2016 Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Instructor Certification with Dharma Bodhi
2016 Trika Mentor Certification with Dharma Bodhi
2016 Twelve Kalis with Mark Dyzcowski
2016 Asana, Pranayama, Mediation training with Janet Stone
2016 Tantrāloka with Mark Dyzcowski
2016 Pratyabhijñā-hṛdayam course with Christopher Hareesh Wallis
2015 Sacred Art with Ekabhumi Das
2015 Deity Yoga with Ekabhumi Das and Christopher Hareesh Wallis
2015 Six month Shaiva Philosopy and Practice immersion with Christopher Hareesh Wallis
2014 - 2015 Two year Light on Tantra course with Dharma Bodhi
2014 Nine month History of Yoga study with Christopher Tompkins
2014 Basic Kriya Yoga training at Haa Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation and Yoga School
2013 Nine month Bhagavagita study with David Harshada Wagner
2012 Level one Asana training and certification with Tara Glazier

2009 Master of Fine Arts, Columbia University, New York City
2005 Post Diplome Arts Plastique, École Supérieure des Beaux Arts Marseille
2002 Post Graduate Residency at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts Paris
2001 Bachelor of Visual Arts with Distinction, Curtin University of Technology, Perth

2015 Spanda, Elizabeth Quay, Perth Australia
2011 Ascalon, in collaboration with Marcus Canning, St Georges Cathedral, Perth Australia
2009 The Gathering, Public Art Fund, New York
2009 X, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York
2006 Destination Day, City of Perth

2012 A Camera Darkly, Camera Club of New York curated by A.E. Benenson with Phillip Sterns
2011 Common Love, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York
2010 Market Art Fair Stockholm, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm
2010 XYZ, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm (solo)
2010 Green Honey, Ramiken Crucible, New York
2009 Art Basel Miami, Deitch Projects, New York
2009 Double Take, Public Art Fund, New York
2009 The Open, Deitch Projects LLC, New York
2009 Columbia University Thesis Exhibition, New York
2009 THING, Art Gallery of Western Australia
2008 Optimism, Gallery of Modern Art, Australia
2008 Melbourne Art fair, Goddard de Fiddes Gallery
2007 New Work, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney (solo)
2007 PEEP: art since 1963 selected from the Kerry Stokes Collection, TarraWarra Museum of Art
2006 Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
2005 New Work, Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth (solo)
2005 National Sculpture Exhibition and Award, National Gallery of Australia Canberra
2004 The Nature of Things, Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth (solo)
2002 Gertrude Street studio artist exhibition, Melbourne Australia
2002 HOTEL 6151, at the hotel formally known as Rhodes Hotel Perth
2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts, John Curtin Gallery Perth Australia
2001 Tactical Intervention Strategies, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia

2016 Mercury Kriya Series with Dharma Bodhi (collaboration)
2015 Spanda
2013 Dear_Tony with A.E. Benenson (collaboration)
2013 上海 MEGA FAUNA feature film script with Ian Cheng (collaboration)
2011 Ascalon with Marcus Canning (collaboration)
2011 MEMORY A text for Ian Cheng
2012 Spectral Circuit, with A.E. Benenson (collaboration)
2009 Nobody Asked You To Do Nothing with Liam Gillick & co (collaboration)
2009 MFA Thesis Text

2016 with Peter Holland, Perth
2015 with Geoff Hutchison ABC, Perth
2011 with A.E. Benenson, Kristen Chappa, Donald Johnson-Montenegro, and Tomoko Kanamitsu, New York
2009 with Liz Linden and Jesse Hamerman, New York
2009 with Dina Ibrahim, New York
2006 with National Association of Visual Art, Sydney

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Emily Fisher Landau Collection, New York
Nordin collection, Sweden
Tony Salame Collection, Lebanon
Gallery of Modern Art of Australia Collection, Australia
Kerry Stokes Collection, Australia
Curtin University of Technology Art Collection, Australia
John Curtin Gallery Art Collection, Australia
Art&Australia ANZ Collection, Australia
ArtBank Collection, Australia

2007-2009 Columbia University Scholarship
2006 Art&Australia Magazine Emerging Artist Award
2005 Melbourne Macquarie Bank Peoples Choice Award, National Gallery of Australia National Sculpture Award
2004 Qantas Spirit of Youth Fine Art Award
2004 Nescafe Big Break, Art Category
2003 West Australian Citizen of the Year Award for contribution to Visual Art
2001 The Hugh Child Memorial Award for Sculpture, Curtin University
2001 Vice Chancellor’s List Curtin University
2000 Vice Chancellor’s List Curtin University
1999 Vice Chancellor’s List Curtin University

2017 Mark Dyzcowski interview by Joel Cran
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2014-2017 3D modeling and digital sculpting for SITU Digital Fabrication Studio NYC
2012 Producer for “Brats” music video directed by Ian Cheng
2007-2009 Undergraduate Sculpture Assistant Professor, Columbia University New York
2006-2007 Graduate Sculpture Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology School of Art Perth Australia
2002-2003 Assistant to the Directors of the Palais de Tokyo Paris, Jerome Sans & Nicholas Bourriaud
2001-2002 Assistant to the Curator of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Trevor Smith